Diabetes Freedom Review: Reverse Diabetes Type 2 Naturally

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Creator: George Reilly

Guarantee: 1 year Guarantee (365 days from date of purchase)

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  • How does Diabetes Freedom work?
  • Pros of Diabetes Freedom
  • Cons of Diabetes Freedom
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I recently purchased the Diabetes Freedom Program on behalf of my Mom who has diabetes type 2. Since, there are almost no available Diabetes Freedom product review from authentic customers, I hope this post could help. Also, I hope to reach those are wondering whether the program is legit or not.

Diabetes type 2 is a dreadful disease. There are several medications and treatments available to help diabetic patients. However, despite being in medication, complications such as heart diseases and kidney damage seemed to still persist.

Is this really the fate of diabetes type 2 patients? A lifetime of taking medications but not getting better. In fact, most of the diabetic patients died of the disease with its complications such as heart disease.

In recent years, however, there are some cases which proved that it could no longer be the case. With a change in lifestyle and diet, a type 2 diabetic person can be in remission. That means, they can maintain normal blood sugar levels without medication.

What is Diabetes Freedom?

Good Nutrition: Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes freedom is a video course on reversing diabetes type 2. It contains a three-step program to help you reverse diabetes type 2 and maintain a life free from the disease. Hence, the name Diabetes Freedom.

Yes, you can reverse diabetes type 2 and make it completely go away. And it can be done naturally, without any medication.

A lot of studies and cases proved this to be true. There are already some medical practitioners who are trumpeting this breakthrough knowledge. Although they would not dare cross the line into directly saying that diabetes type 2 is curable. But they all agree that diabetes type 2 is indeed reversible even without medication.

For some reasons, there are only few medical practitioners who would admit to this fact. The same way that only few of them would also admit the adverse effect of taking of diabetes type 2 medications for prolonged period of time.

Unfortunately, most people accepted the fact that once a person has diabetes type 2, he will have it for life. Most doctors mentioned nothing about the condition being reversible. And of course, most patients know nothing about the disease except to follow their doctor’s prescription.

Furthermore, most patients already conceded to the fact that they cannnot be rid of the disease. They even give in to the ugly and life threatening health complications of diabetes type 2. In fact, they accepted it like it is their destiny to live a life dependent on insulin pumps. That they will go blind and one day have a limb amputated. And worst, accept that diabetes nephropathy is an expected outcome.

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George Reilly

George Reilly was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. And like most diabetic patients, he trusted his fate to his doctor and took medications. He took Metformin and had monthly blood sugar check ups believing it will make him better.

However, his condition got worse and his doctor changed his medication to Metformin Glyburide which lead to new health complications affecting his kidneys and muscles. And his condition got more worse over the period of five years of being on medication.

Then, one night he fell into a diabeteic coma and woke up in a hospital. Also, his condition is so bad that a leg amputation became necessary. Fortunately, before that dreadful operation happen, he met Professor James Freeman.

Professor James Freeman

Professor James Freeman is an American medical professor based in Japan pioneering a diabetes research. He developed a powerful new ‘phyto hack” to reverse diabetes type 2. In fact, his diabetes reversal method helped George Reilly reverse diabetes type 2.

How Does Diabetes Freedom Work?

The Diabetes Freedom E-Books

George Reilly got an amazing result from Professor James Freeman’s “phyto-hack” method. He recovered and got away from his leg amputation operation.  Hence, he convinced Prof. Freeman to make Diabetes Freedom program possible.

The Diabetes Freedom method targets the root cause of the diabetes type 2.

The Diabetes Freedom Method basically has three steps: (1) Pancreas Nutrition Plan; (2) Metabolism Boosting Blueprint; and (3) Meal Timing Strategies That Reverse Diabetes Type 2.

STEP 1. The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan

This step is a two-month nutrition plan that aims to reverse diabetes in less than 8 weeks.

Why the pancreas?

The pancreas is the organ of your body that produces insulin. Insulin is needed in order for your body cells to absorb glucose and turn it into into energy.

When you have diabetes type 2, the body cells resist the insulin and could not absorb glucose. Hence, this condition is called insulin resistance.

Moreover, when you have diabetes type 2, the pancreas produces not enough insulin to trigger the body cells to absorb glucose. Therefore, the glucose stays in your bloodstream resulting in high blood sugar.

For this reason, the Diabetes Freedom’s first step is focused on recovering your pancreas.

According to Prof Freeman, the main reason of the pancreas’ inability to produce insulin is the toxic fat sticking to it.

Hence, the first step is the pancreas nutrition plan. It targets and destroys the white fat cells that are clogging up your pancreas and arteries. Accordingly, through this nutrition plan you will get the necessary nutrients to increase your metabolism and burn the white fat.

So, in a matter of two weeks, your pancreas may start to do its normal duty again. Hence, your blood sugar level will also be under control without medication. That means, your diabetes type 2 will go into remission.

You will feel a surge of natural energy light you up as this happens. Your body will feel lighter and your brain clearer.

However, to make this step work best for you, you should avoid sodas and bread for a few days.

What is Inside This Nutrition Plan?

  • The five-part video program to beat diabetes which includes: (1) breakfast shakes recipes; (2) what meals to eat and when; and (3) list of carbs that are good for you.
  • Methods to beat cravings and stay on track easily, meaning the path to reversing diabetes will be a breeze.
  • How to detox the liver and flush out toxins for increased energy, better digestion, clearer skin and enhanced memory.
  • There are five detox teas that melt fat cells, beat cravings and lower blood sugar in a few minutes.
  • Then, you will get the 7 key fat loss shortcuts that nobody tells you about, because they’re much too powerful (hint: it’s not keto).
  • Also, there are recipes for desserts that you can enjoy without having to worry once about your blood sugar.
  • And a secret spice that is proven to lower blood sugar by 30%.


The second part of the program is to increase your metabolism. If from STEP 1, you successfully reversed your diabetes type 2. Then, STEP 2 aims to ensure that diabetes type 2 stays at bay. And, of course, to help you maintain your health.

By increasing your metabolism, your body can melt the deadly white fat. Thus, keeping you diabetes type 2 free.

What is Inside the Metabolism Boosting Blueprint:

  • Several proven 2-minute routines to keep your fat-burning mechanisms working throughout the day.
  • Three blood sugar lowering drinks to help you keep your levels healthy

So in this step, you will learn how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels by boosting your metabolism. And by increasing your metabolism, you will not only help your body melt excess fat and clear out your arteries. But much more, you will also be boosting with energy.

More importantly, by the increase in your metabolic rate, it gives you the ticket to eat whatever you like. And without the added worry of increasing your blood sugar levels.

STEP 3. Meal-Timing Strategies That Reverse Diabetes Type 2

The first two steps will help you reverse your diabetes. And at the same, taught you to eat whatever you like guil-free.

However, that does not mean you can be totally loose on your eating habits. Else, you will risk having diabetes type 2 again!

Remember that diabetes type 2 is a dietary disease and unhealthy eating habits is its major cause. Hence, you should not go back to your old eating habits that lead you be diabetic. At least, not again!

What is Inside Meal Timing Strategies?

This step contains easy to follow video guide showing the proper time to eat your carbs and desserts.

Yes, you heard it right! You can take carbs and have desserts provided that you will take it with the right timing.

The proper timing and strategies in taking carbs and desserts will help you stay diabetes free.

Moreover, the guide includes a schedule when to eat which foods in order to keep your blood sugar from spiking up.

In addition, the video guide also included the following:

  • A 60 second breakfast trick to help you stay full, beat cravings and increase your energy level.
  • Safe and tasty snacks you can eat between meals.
  • Approach on how to sleep better
  • Strategies on how to melt fat from your tummy and other body parts
  • Methods on how to enhance energy levels
  • The schedule on when to eat carbs and desserts

Diabetes Freedom System Pros

Diabetes Freedom System is an echo of what few medical practitioners discovered regarding diabetes type 2. That is, the breakthrough idea that diabetes type 2 is not a lifetime chronic disease. But instead, a dietary disease that can be reversed naturally.

Here are some points that might make you to consider the Diabetes Freedom Program:

  • It is NOT “another” MEDICATION.
  • Nor it is “another” SUPPLEMENT.
  • It is a method that helps REVERSE DIABETES TYPE 2 NATURALLY through proper healthy meals.
  • Their key research was backed up by Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia, University of Bialystock, Poland, and the prestigious medical journal Frontiers in Endocrinology
  • THE PRICE is fair (Discounted Price $37).
  • THEY offer 365 Days Money Back GUARANTEE. From the usual 60 day from date of purchase guarantee, it offers 365 days!
  • CLICKBANK GUARANTEE. Clickbank is a leading marketplace for vendors selling digital products. They serve like a middleman for vendors, marketers and customers. Hence, in case you have a difficult time contacting the vendor for refund, you can approach Clickbank.
  • RISK FREE. The 365 days guarantee and the Clickbank guarantee will quite set your worry aside. This means, that you can try the product and prove its effect for at least a year. And if you find it not working for you, you can apply for a refund.
  • FAST DOWNLOAD. The e-books and videos only took seconds to download.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDES. Surprisingly, the instructions and recipes are simple and easy to follow. Also, most of the drinks and meals require little time to prepare, as long as you have the ingredients available at hand.

Diabetes Freedom Cons

As the saying goes, “Nothing is perfect!” Hence, you can expect some incovenience with Diabetes Freedom, too.

Here is the list of the could be inconveniences that you may encounter:

  • It is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. Some may find it inconvenient to read an ebook and would prefer a physical paperback book. However, since the ebooks are in pdf format, you may print a copy for your personal convenience.
  • There are PHYSICAL DVD COPIES option. This option is not practical especially for those who do not have DVD players. Moreover, the speed of delivery is not guaranteed particularly for those living outside the US. Hence, the digital package is more preferable.
  • NO CONTACT NUMBER for support. Those customers who are not fond of writing emails may find this inconvenient. But in case, you have a problem with the product, you may call Clickbank’s customer support instead.
  • This is more or less a DIY PROGRAM. The effectiveness of this system depend on how well you understand and follow the program. Hence, your utmost commitment and effort are needed to reverse your diabetes type 2 successfully.


Diabetes Freedom 365 Days Money Back Guarantee Statement

Dreadful as it is, most diabetes type 2 patients resigned to the fact that they will have diabetes type 2 for the rest of their life. Also, it never crossed their mind the possibility that they can be free from the disease. Thus, they prepared themselves to accept that they will die with the disease with its complications.

My mother has diabetes type 2 for more or less 6 years already. She has been taking medications since then but her condition is not getting any better. But I could not just sit and watch her go weaker and sicker day by day. So, I searched the internet for more information regarding the disease and its treatment.

Besides the research and studies, I found talks and videos of some doctors who are claiming that diabetes type 2 is reversible. They said that through proper diet and physical activity we can reverse diabetes type 2. Those talks and videos actually gave me hope for my Mom.

Diabetes Freedom with its affordable price seemed too good to be true. And there were also no testimonies from customers proving how it works (except from diabetes freedom website). But I also cannot find any articles that say it is a scam.

Hence, on behalf of my Mom, I took the courage to buy and try the product. Well, I received it as soon as I finished the payment transaction. The e-books and videos are informative. And I personally feel, that I could also use the recipes not only for my Mom but for our whole family as well.

In conclusion, I would say that Diabetes Freedom is legit and is worth trying.

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