Are Nutritional Health Supplements Good?

Are nutritional health supplements good for you?

Or do you need to take health supplements?

You should ask yourself these two questions before taking any health supplements. Above all, it is better to consult your physician regarding this matter.

Many people will argue that nutritional health supplements are not necessary as long as you have a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. While this may be true, in reality a lot of people are struggling in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The Nutritional Health Supplements

Nutritional Health Supplements

Recently, nutritional health supplements are one of the bestsellers on the market. Some surveys show that consumers of nutritional health supplements are sharply increasing. In the US alone, the total consumption amounts to billions of dollars.

The rise on the consumption of nutritional health supplements may be the result of the people’s expanding consciousness on their body’s health,  Also, they gained increasing awareness of maintaining health through good nutrition. They know the serious consequences if they develop health problems.

Health and nutrition have a close connection. Accordingly, it implies that good nutrition results to good health. Whereas, poor nutrition will lead to poor health. Hence, they consume nutritional health supplements to keep their health.

Moreover, poor health weakens your body’s immune system, making you susceptible to sickness and diseases. The negative effect of poor health can range from common ailments to more severe and fatal illnesses. So, in case of lack of good nutrition, nutritional health supplements are recommended.

3 Types of Nutritional Health Supplements

The nutritional health supplements come from different food sources such as fruits and vegetables. They also come in different packages and forms such as soft gels, tablets, capsules, powders and liquids.

There are at least three types of nutritional health supplements:

  1. Natural. These supplements are from natural sources such as plants and animals. 
  2. Semi-synthetic. The contents of these supplements came from natural sources but chemically processed.
  3. Synthetic. The materials for these supplements are totally artificially manufactured.

Generally, these nutritional health supplements contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients. In fact, the popular ones contain daily recommended multivitamins and minerals. In addition, in order to promote heart and brain health, Omega 3 from fish oils are also widely available.

These days many adults and children take at least one or more nutritional health supplements. These dietary supplements became essential parts of their living and health. For the reason that, in some way or another, the health supplements helped them strengthen their immune system and help them fight diseases.

However, although these nutritional health supplements have good benefits, you should not be dependent on them. Regardless of the type, you should bear in mind that these nutritional health supplements are not replacements to nutritious meals. In other words, you should still pay attention and get proper nutrition from a healthy diet.

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Are Nutritional Health Supplements Good for You?

Nutritional health supplements are available almost everywhere not just in pharmacies. You can easily buy them in supermarkets, department stores, health stores even in online stores. 

Nutritional Food Supplement

But, no matter how good and beneficial the health supplements are, they may not be what you need. Due to the fact that, every person has their own health supplementary needs. Hence, you should choose the products carefully.

Besides, some nutritional health supplements may not be as what they claim to be. Their composition and quality of raw materials may come from questionable sources. Therefore, before you buy any supplement, make sure it comes from reputable health food manufacturers.

Be a smart consumer check the labels, manufacturer and nutritional contents before purchasing.

Also, compare the prices and services. Some sellers rip off their customers.

Here are some friendly reminders about nutritional health supplement:

  • Health supplements from natural sources are better than the synthetic ones. They are usually made from whole foods. Hence, they can be easily absorbed and accepted by your body.
  • Concentrated plant extracts are better than its raw counterpart.
  • Supplements produced through safe extraction like cold-pressed are better choice. Because they likely contain harmful residues from chemical extraction method.
  • As much as possible, choose supplements made from organic materials. Organically grown plants less likely contain pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Be cautious when taking herbal supplements. For the reason that, some herbs may cause unfavorable effects on you. So, you should immediately stop taking it as soon as you notice unusual signs. Consult your doctor if necessary.
  • If you are taking some medications, consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Some nutritional health supplements may increase or lessen the effects of your medication.
  • Similarly, if you are pregnant or a nursing mother, consult your physician before buying and taking supplements.
  • Ask the manufacturer or distributor for more information about their supplements. Specifically, aside from the sources and methods, inquire whether the product is suitable for you.
  • Do not consume more than the recommended dosage unless otherwise advised by your doctor. So read the product labels carefully.
  • More importantly, choose those approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

FDA Regulations on Nutritional Health Supplements

As the demand on nutritional health supplements are expanding, the Food and Drug Administration are also vigilant in regulating them. The FDA fully understand the reason why people need health supplements.

They know that most people even those taking healthy meals are not meeting their daily nutritional needs.

Of course, they know the adverse effects on the body when its lacking the proper nutrients. That means, a weak immune system that can hardly ward off illnesses and diseases.

Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration created a list of recommendations for consumers about nutritional health supplements. Specifically, they listed those that contain antioxidants.

Evidently, it is fact that the human body cannot work properly without antioxidants. Thus, the FDA conceded the importance of antioxidants on the people’s diet.

The deficiency in nutrients is detrimental to people’s health. Hence, they readily acknowledged the people’s need of nutritional health supplements.

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Nutritional Health Supplements and The Antioxidants

Antioxidants are your body’s protection against the harmful effects of free radicals. Just as your body contain good and bad bacteria, it also contain both antioxidants and free radicals. However, like good and bad bacteria, a balance between the two is crucial.

Hence, if the level of free radicals is higher than the antioxidants, health problems ensued. It is known as oxidative stress.

For this reason, nutritional health supplements loaded with antioxidants are what you need.

Nutritional health supplements are the soldiers that guard us against the outside, enemy forces. Some quality health supplements have the best combination of super nutrients. They are specially formulated to combat the effects of free radicals.

The ready availability of antioxidants in food has inspired some health experts to advise antioxidant-rich diets. The antioxidant theory of aging also led many companies to push sales of antioxidant supplements.


It should be noted that nothing will ever take the place of whole foods. However, in the current fast paced lifestyle, people choose convenience over nutrition. Hence, comfort foods, fast foods and processed foods became a hit.

Consequently, this modern lifestyle brought in improper eating habits. Also, the pressure in this kind of daily living could cause stress eating.

Therefore, taking a health supplement is one way to ensure that the body has its required daily nutrients. The supplements may help in supplying the antioxidants needed to fight off diseases and illnesses.

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