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Hi! I am Phoebe and welcome to my website valuedtimes.com!

valuedtimes.com is a personal website. 

Yes, right, just a personal website… my personal blog website. 

There are various social media platforms but they seemed not enough for me. Since, I intend to write articles expressing my thoughts and documenting my personal views. So, in some way, valuedtimes.com will serve as an outlet for me to write what I want, speak my mind and just be myself. 

Well, expressing oneself on social media is different from having a blog website. Usually, in those platforms there is a kind of pressure in what you post. There is a kind of guarded feeling like tiptoeing around. Hence, the tendency is to post what people are expected from you or just the ones which you want people to see. 

However, through your own blog website, you can just be yourself. There is no limit in what you can write or post.

Moreover, in valuedtimes.com I can sense a freedom to write even those hidden thoughts from deep within me.

So more or less, valuedtimes.com contain articles about my curiosities, fears, joys and hopes.


I am an introvert and usually have a difficult time expressing myself through speaking. In other words, I am someone with a few words and not at all a conversationalist.

However, I find that it is easy for me to write my mind and feelings out. Though I am not a good writer and do not have the skills of one. But I do hope my writings albeit so novice would be able to reach and help people.

Generally, I want to write articles regarding healthy body, soul and spirit. No, no, no… please don’t get me wrong I am not trying to be a guru or a know it all. Far from it, I am going to write what I and my family experienced (or experiencing) and learned about them. And hopefully, get some opinion, advise or correction if necessary.

The Website Content

The valuedtimes.com website will contain blogs divided into at least three main categories: (1) Healthy Body; (2) Healthy Soul; and (3) Healthy Spirit. It sounds too broad but these are the three areas involved in my daily life. And as I mentioned above, I want to share and express myself in this website.

Healthy Body

I want to write something about this because a few of my loved ones are actually suffering from chronic diseases. As a matter of fact, my mother has diabetes type 2, my father has an enlarged heart and my father-in-law has liver cancer. And not to mention my younger siblings have allergies and are developing cysts in some parts of their body.

Moreover, my husband has gout and was diagnosed pre-diabetic. My oldest son suffered from seizures though his pediatrician found no cause for us to worry.

Well, I could not help but wonder whether we got “sickly” genes or a sign that there is amiss in our lifestyle and diet. 

Therefore, I decided to look further, study and learn on how we could be more healthy.

In this category, the posts contain the things I learned through the books and articles I read, talks I heard and videos I watched.

At this time, I am desperate to help my Mom be rid of her diabetes or if not at least manage her diabetes well and avoid the horrible health complications such as heart diseases and kidney damage.

As much as possible, I want her to live the best of life despite her condition.

Healthy Soul

I learned that the soul is our emotion. mind and will. Besides, physical health this part of our being should also be well taken care of. Much more, keep it healthy, too.

Life is beautiful but sometimes things just do not go our way. And we may find it frustrating and depressing. 

I, personally have a lot of inner struggles and sometimes they really get me down. And sometimes I find it not easy to pull myself together and go on. But getting some support and motivation from others are truly helpful.

Here, I want to share the encouragement and motivations I received and enjoyed from different sources. And I hope others will get some inspiration and motivation from them, too.

Healthy Spirit

As a Christian, I learned that not only do we have body and soul but we also have a spirit. And of the three parts, our spirit is said to be the most important. Since, it is the only part where we can experience, touch and enjoy God Himself.

In order to keep our spirit healthy, we need to get into the word of God, the Bible. 

Hence, in this section. I am going to share my daily enjoyment of the word.

When, everything seems not right and nothing is going your way, I hope you would find comfort, enlightenment and strength through His word.


I know that I am not the only one who has struggles when it comes to health.

And though I am not a medical practitioner to give you advises and prescription.

However, I can empathize with those who are going through health challenges like my family.

Like you, I just want to keep a healthy body, soul and spirit for me and my whole family.

And I hope that through this valuedtimes.com website, I could be of help by sharing to you my experiences and learnings.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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